Our Horses

Our horses are our number one priority and without them we wouldn’t be able to operate. We view the relationship between us and our horses a very special one. It’s very important to us that our horses have a good quality of life. All our horses are rotated regularly to ensure they have a good work/life balance spending majority of the time on pasture at our farm grazing. We breed them, they are not just horses to us, they are family and they eat before we do. When it comes to our horses, we set the standard for the industry. We take great pride in not only having the best-looking horses but also the happiest.

horse in paddock eating hay
horse in paddock eating hay

The Percheron

We mainly use Percheron horses. The Percherons were originally bred in France. They are known for their impressive size, strength and intelligence. Originally bred as war horses. The breed was later bred to pull stage coaches, mail wagon and delivery wagons long distance. We also have a pair of very flashy Purebred Friesians. They were originally bred in the Netherlands. They are known to be very graceful and nimble for their size. They have very flashy movement and were also originally war horses. We breed all our own horses specifically for our work. We have a number of beautiful stallions who have amazing temperaments in which they pass down to their progeny.  All our horses undertake an extensive training regime to make sure they are qualified both mentally and physically before they start working.

horse laying down with girl sitting next to horse
horse laying down with girl sitting next to horse


We work closely with a team of equine specialists to ensure the health of our horses. In consultation with local feed and nutritional experts we have developed a feed programme specific to each horses requirements. A horse’s age, physical condition and amount of work and exercise determines the type and quantity of supplemental feed they receive each day. We work very closely with our veterinarian who oversees the health of our horses. They also provide routine treatments like vaccinations. We have an equine dentist who visits regularly to ensure our horses teeth are floated once a year and also a master farrier who visits our farm weekly.

Our Happy Horses

grey horse in big green paddock

Living in Gippsland

Our horses spend majority of their time on pasture in Gippsland
grey horse having their teeth done by dentist

Our team of Equine specialists

Here is Stella getting her teeth done by our Equine Dentist.
grey horses having a drink in melbourne

Leading our horses to water

With many water troughs around Melbourne and buckets on board our horses are well hydrated at all times.
our farrier putting a shoe on a grey horse

Our team of Equine specialists

Our Master Farrier visits us weekly to ensure our horses hooves are healthy.
three grey horses running in green paddock


Our retired horses either stay with us on the farm or we rehome them with friends and family.
white horse wearing a winter rug

Round the clock care

The horses live on our property and we care for them everyday. They have a great work/life balance.

Horse welfare facts

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