Indian Weddings

Unique Carriage hire is one of the leading providers of Indian wedding
horses and carriages in Australia.

We are fully licensed, insured and use the most highly trained staff in the

Our experienced horses have been highly trained by us specifically for
Indian or Cultural weddings. They are highly experienced horses in all
aspects and we have 100% safety record.

The Grooms arrival on the white horse often referred to as the White Ghorie,
its a typical part of the procession. Our horses are accustomed to the loud
music, dancers, the dhol, clapping and drummers.

You do not need to know how to ride a horse as our horses are trained to be
ridden by non riders and you will be lead by an experienced handler although
we recommend coming out to our Farm prior to the wedding so you can have a
lesson so you feel comfortable on the day.

We can also supply a red and Gold Traditional Indian Costume to decorate the